5 Memorable Activities to do Right in Your Back Yard

December 21, 2017

1) Build a sand castle with your kids

Who doesn’t like to pretend that you are the king or queen of your own castle? Having a swim pond with a beach can be enjoyable for your children or for the big kid inside you. Having a beach on your pond is a must have for summer activities. Enjoyment of watching your kids splash around, making a mote around their sand-filled kingdom, or having a tidal wave wash away their architecture is a continual memory you will be able to watch all summer long. Once that dream pond is complete all you’ll need is that bucket and shovel for endless fun.

2) Throw a beach party

Looking for new ways to entertain your family and friends? A swim pond can bring the fun of being on a lake with a couple cold ones right to your backyard without having to worry about the drive. Whether grilling out, having a competitive volleyball tournament or even playing king of the castle on that new floating toy, you are in for a day of fun in the sun.Throw out some beach chairs, and some tubes and let the fun begin!

3) Catch that trophy fish

For some laying by a pond isn’t their thought of relaxing, but casting a line waiting for a lunker bass is. When properly designed with structure and aeration you can have that big bass waiting for you to toss another lure. Whether you are doing it for your own relaxation or to teach your kids how to enjoy the outdoors, a lined pond can be the perfect way to be outside.

4) Bring the Wildlife to You

Having a pond in your backyard is not only fun for your family and friends, but it is a great way to bring nature right to your backdoor. Many pond owners get extreme enjoyment of watching deer, turkeys, ducks, and much more come to have a drink or cool down during the dog days of summer. Watching wildlife act in their most natural form is peaceful, and exciting for any pond owner. Picture that beautiful deer that resembles Bambi’s dad come in for a drink with the sun glistening off of the water and his antlers. I bet you already can feel the tranquility within.

5) Relax by a campfire by the water

Let’s be honest life is busy, and those little moments of relaxation are hard to come by. Getting away to a cabin or campground may be out of the cards for the summer, but imagine if you can have that place only a sliding door away. Having a fire and a beverage of your choice while watching a sunset will be a relaxation period that will help you reset and feel refreshed to start the next day. A little firewood, a match, and a glass of wine will be all you need once your pond is ready.

Starting to feel the relaxation that a lined pond can bring? Let us show you how much of a reality it is.  Your backyard can be easily transformed into a lakeside retreat. You can have the luxury to walk out your back door onto your own private beach, catch a trophy bass, or just enjoy the relaxation of water with your family and friends.

Want to learn more about this backyard project and experience? Come to our office or sign up for a site visit to talk with our team of professionals, and take a walk around our very own lined, half acre paradise!