5 Plants For Your Pond

May 27, 2014

You have a pond, now you are looking to add some plants to it; you just don’t know which ones to pick. Keep reading to find out the some of the top aquatic plants for your pond!
1. Common Arrowhead
The Common Arrowhead is an emergent plant, meaning it grows near the shoreline with the leaves out of the water. It is considered one of the best plants for many ecological reasons including: food for wildlife and oxygen for the pond.

Common Arrowhead

2. White Water Lily
The White Water Lily is a stunning plant that floats on the surface of the water. This is an important plant for a few reasons. It serves as a fish cover, specifically for largemouth bass, which helps create a safe habitat for the fish. Also, the large leaves of the lily help to prevent shoreline erosion because the foliage helps to slow the waves.

White Water Lily

3. Blue Flag Iris
The Blue Flag Water Iris, also an emergent plant, produces stunning violet blooms from May to July. Their long, pointy leaves create a safe habitat for many forms of wildlife that live along the shore. This plant has a complex root system that will also help to stabilize and support the shoreline.

Blue Flag Iris

4. Pickerel Plant
The Pickerel Plant is another plant that has showy violet blooms. The leaves on this plant are also unique because they have a glossy finish to them. The Pickerel Plant, which is also an emergent plant, can grow in water up to three feet deep. The stalks of the flowers on this plant function as a home for many insects that are beneficial to your pond.

Pickerel Plant

5. Soft Stem Bulrush
Soft Stem Bulrush is a tall plant that grows along the shoreline of ponds and lakes. This plant, many times serves as a food source for ducks. The long grassy part of this plant helps to create a safe habitat for a variety of wildlife in and around your pond.


These are just a few of the plants you can put in and around your pond. There are several others that thrive in the pond environment. To find out more about these plants and many more, contact us today.