Choosing The Perfect Pond Overflow Drain

March 13, 2017

With thawing temperatures returning to our region, the ice is melting, and many ponds are starting to transition to summer conditions. With this season change comes a few concerns for lined ponds if not designed correctly and installed properly.

Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource helps to reduce some of these concerns by choosing the correct overflow components for our installs. These items offer year round benefits for our customers, causing there to be few concerns this time of year.

One major feature of new pond installs is an overflow device. We have seen just about every style of overflow in existing ponds, but only install inline valve controls to allow rainfall to discharge from the pond in a designated area. This type of overflow structure has all the components that penetrate the liner underwater- hidden from sight. This valve offers a more natural look than the typical “PVC Pipe To The Surface” type approach.

In addition, the PVC Pipe to the Surface,  types of overflow valves offer some disadvantages year ‘round. In the summer months, floating debris, algae, and navigation equipment can damage/plug these pipes- essentially eliminating any of the functionality.. Additionally, when ice moves around a pond while melting, these types of overflow structures can break off which will drop a pond to the level of the break.  Repairing the issues usually requires the pond to be dropped lower than the break, and allowed to sit and cure for a time period with downtime.

The inline overflow valve comes with a series of gates that increase/decrease the overall pond height, or drain the pond to a level where the outflow pipe penetrates the liner membrane. All hand welding and panel welding is performed by our highly experienced staff to insure a proper installation.

If a new backyard wonderland is of interest on your property, contact Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource in confidence that your pond will be installed correctly the first time.

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