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From Cory Zickert, WLPR Owner and Senior Aquatic Manager

October 13, 2010

With the little touch of summer like weather we have been having, our biologists have been busy helping pond owners shut down their ponds for another season. We have been performing many storm-water wet basin inspections for area municipalities, developers and property managers. Fall is a great time to assess the condition of the basins, perform any final treatments for noxious cattails and woody vegetation, and test sediment.

Our service department is well underway with removing customer’s fountains and winterizing aeration systems. If you are tackling this on your own, here are a few helpful points: Remove all decorative floating fountains for the winter. Disconnect electrical (if able), clean units and inspect for damage and store indoors for the winter. If your fountain has not been serviced for the last 3 years, consider having a three year rebuild done on your fountain – it will increase its life expectancy.

If your aerator is going to run for the winter, pull up each diffuser and clean the membrane. Change the filters on the compressor, test pressure relief valves, and balance the system and you will be set.

It is not too late to get aeration in your pond if you are concerned with winter kill. Be certain to increase the cover in your pond if you are running winter aeration – your fish could be more prone to predators with open water so give them a place to hide.

As always, call us with your questions or comments – we love talking ponds!


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