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From Cory Zickert, WLPR Owner and Senior Aquatic Manager

August 2, 2011

It has been a busy summer here at Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource. As we begin the tail end of the summer our biologists are applying the final applications of our Wisconsin Pond Products bacteria and enzyme blends. The warm pond temperatures provide a good environment for biological organism to thrive. Throughout the mid-summer months we focus on Water Clarity Bacteria to aid in competing with algae blooms. While we will still apply those products during late summer, we focus a lot of our emphasis on organic sediment accumulations by applying Sediment Reducing Bacteria pellets. The results of incorporating those products in our Integrated Management Plans have been very positive.

We would like to welcome Zach Haas as our newest biologist to Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource LLC. Zach graduated from UW Stevens-Point with degrees in Biology and Water Resource Management. Zach will head up our research and development projects. He will be working closely with our manufacturers testing products in the field and analyzing their results. Zach will also be actively working with WLPR clients establishing and implementing Integrated Management Plans. Welcome aboard Zach!

Phil, our fisheries biologist, is taking fish orders for fall delivery so if you are considering stocking or re-stocking your pond, contact Phil today. Fall supplies will most likely run out so get your orders in early. If you need assistance on species or quantities Phil can help you with that also. If Phil is not available, feel free to talk to Wendy in the office, she will process your order also.

Fall will be here quickly and items to focus on are:
1) Cattail control. Late summer into early fall is the best time to treat cattails.
2) Aeration maintenance and installation.
3) Fish stocking and surveying
4) Aeration installation
5) Bacteria and enzyme applications (through September)


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