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How to Become the Envy of Your Neighborhood?

March 13, 2020

By Cory Zickert
Senior Aquatic Manager/Owner

When you visit your friends, neighbors or relatives’ homes do you ever find yourself slipping outside to check out their backyard? What did they do with landscaping? Or what kind of playset did they put in? Be honest with yourself, at some point did you think “Wow this would be nice to have in my backyard”.

Now imagine when you slipped out to their backyard you found yourself on a private beach. Or standing on a dock looking at hybrid bluegill waiting to be fed. Or watching kids jumping off a water trampoline. Well, the possibilities are endless.

Won’t a Backyard Oasis Cost a Fortune?

No, you don’t need to be wealthy to own lake frontage to have all of this in your backyard. All you need is space. Generally, if you own 3 acres or more, this could be what your friends, neighbors, and relatives can experience in your backyard. And it sure is a lot less expensive than having to move in order to have waterfront property or buying the “vacation” home on a lake with all sorts of neighbors!

So if you are tired of mowing all that grass or cutting down weeds, now might be the perfect time to transform your backyard to include a sandy beach, inflatable water slides, and private fishing whenever you desire. Stop dreaming – start doing.

What Natural Features do I Need To Worry About?

Now if you are thinking “Sure, I would love to have a lake or pond in my backyard, but I don’t have any natural water in my backyard”. The good news – you don’t need one! Creating man-made recreational swimming beaches, fishing holes, or wildlife sanctuaries with new technologies has never been easier. In fact, it is preferred to have well-drained soils; slightly rolling hills; and open fields to create your aquatic paradise.

So Let’s Do This!

If you would like to “Jump In” and take the next steps, here are 5 things you can do on your own to get started:

  • Check with your local zoning department to see if there are any homeowners associations restrictions, zoning restrictions, or permits required (state, county, and federal permits may also be required)
  • Dig several test holes in the area of the water feature to determine soil types and groundwater locations
  • Mark off an area to determine size and shape. Physical stakes or google earth are good starting points
  • Go to various websites to research examples of your water feature’s finished look
  • Start planning your social gatherings so you are the envy of all your neighbors

And of course any professional can take care of these steps for you for minimal fees. For more information, check out this video or contact us today to get started planning your backyard oasis!


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