Preexisting Lake and Pond Management

May 12, 2014

Already have a pond?

Lake and pond management

Lake and pond management provides numerous benefits. These benefits include everything from recreational activities and aesthetics to increasing property value and wildlife. Every lake and pond will require management at some point in its lifetime. Some will require more intense management than others.

We take over for the lake or pond owner who doesn’t want the responsibility to physically perform the management procedures. Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC will develop management and monitoring schedules. We will send our biologists to regularly visit the site and monitor the pond or lake condition and keep updated pond health reports. Pond assessment should include routine testing of the pond water quality. Water tests are helpful to document existing problems and to monitor for important changes in water quality.

Examples of typical lake and pond management concerns requiring maintenance include:

  • Nuisance aquatic vegetation
  • Nuisance algal growth
  • Pond and lake odors
  • Poor water clarity
  • Shoreline erosion
pond management, algae control

What if I don’t have time/ability to do the maintenance?

Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC provides an easy to understand plan including a  lake and pond management plan, budget, and a monitoring schedule.
With scheduled maintenance they will be able to apply and address any required services or apply necessary products. Every site plan is customized for each pond or lake site. We will provide recommendations and will be able to evaluate the budget necessary to maintain for the season.

Hands free management is for the customer. The customer has little or no maintenance and scheduling responsibilities. The customer will save time and money having the proper products and services applied in a timely manner to their pond or lake. We also have the proper licensing and permits to abide by DNR regulations to legally apply algaecides and herbicides.

How much will the pond cost to maintain?

If you need assistance getting those items or those numbers are unknown, we can properly evaluate it for you. A person with a ½ acre pond can cost as little as $500/yr. Factors to consider are: overall pond condition, the individual performing the maintenance, and the management objectives.

We are different because from other companies because your pond or lake is being managed and monitored by a professional aquatic management specialist.  Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC is certified by and an affiliated partner with over 10 Lake and Aquatic management associations. Having our affiliation with associations such as the North American Lake Management Society helps identify lake management professionals who have exceptional training and experience.

To become Certified Lake Management Professionals, one must demonstrate expertise through a combination of education and having more than 2 years of professional employment experience. Certification tests knowledge in areas of lake science, ecology and government policies.
So no matter the end goal of the pond whether it is for swimming or fishing, our staff at Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC can help you from start to finish. We have plenty of resources under one roof from creating new ponds, changing existing, or just simply hand-free management. We can customize any plan for you to get the most out of your pond experience.

How Do I know how big my pond is?

 An easy way to estimate your current pond size is to follow the following estimate:

  1. Take the average length and multiply by the average width in feet = square feet
    Average length (L) x Average width (W) = area in square feet.
  2. Take area in square feet from above and divide by 43,5690 = area in acres
    Area in square feet/43,5690= area in acres
  3. Take area in acres (from above) and multiply by average depth of pond = acre-feet
    Area in acres x Average depth = Acre-feet
lake and pond management