Permitting Requirements for Aquatic Plant Management & Fish Stocking

February 21, 2020

By Becca Gray
Lake Management Technician/
Administrative Assistant

Looking to manage those pesky plants growing in your backyard pond?

In order to protect Wisconsin’s native aquatic plants and prevent the spread of invasive plant species, the WIDNR requires lake and pond owners to submit Aquatic Plant Management permitting for management approval. There are a few options for removal; Manual, Mechanical & Chemical. Many aquatic plants and certain algae species can only be managed with pesticides. If you choose chemical control, make sure to have the correct permitting in place before applying a treatment.

What kind of permitting do I need to chemically treat my pond weeds?

For chemical control, an NR107 permit is required. To find out more about permitting requirements and types please visit the Wisconsin DNR website.

Fish Stocking Permitting

Looking to improve your fishery by adding some game fish?

Fish stocking is an important management tool for many water bodies throughout Wisconsin. Hatcheries produce young fish for stocking to reintroduce populations, provide research and to expand fishing opportunities. All ponds in Wisconsin are required to have either a Department of Agriculture type 1 fish farm registration or a DNR stocking permit.

What do I need if I want to stock fish in Wisconsin?

To stock fish in Wisconsin, you can either…

Similar to Aquatic Plant Management, DNR regulated permits are in place to protect the waters in the state and to make sure native species are protected.

Before managing your pond or stocking fish, make sure to do your research and follow the law, Wisconsin’s ecosystems depend on it!

If you have any questions, please contact us.