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Learn to Fly! Pilot Training Available with WLPR

September 18, 2013

Learn to fly now!  Pilot training opportunities!

Cory Zickert, owner of Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC not only spends his time working with pond owner’s, he is also very active in aviation.  He is involved locally at the Fond du Lac County airport and is an instructor for new aviation students teaching them how to fly through the Fond du Lac Skyport.  If you have ever dreamed of flying or interested in obtaining your pilots certificate, talk to Cory and he can guide you through the steps.  Introductory flights are available for $69 in a two seat aircraft and $79 in a 4 seat aircraft.

A pilot’s license can open up many new opportunities for business owners, travelers, sightseeing, or just getting a bird’s eye view from the sky with you at the controls of the airplane.

You may contact Cory via email at [email protected]


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