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Plan for Winter Pond Aeration

September 18, 2013

First, what is winter pond aeration? An aerator keeps your pond well oxygenated and can help keep a section of your pond open in the winter time. An aerator works under the premise that moving water resists freezing. When using an aerator, you must remember a few things. An aerator is capable of hyper-cooling your water, if used when air temps are below freezing (reference).

Aerial pic of installed winter pond aeration

Aerial view of 2 ponds with operational winter pond aeration systems

3 diffuser system for winter pond aeration

3 diffusers with weighted bases prior to install in a 1/2 acre pond

(Note: floats & loops for gentle placement and moving/removal purposes)

Diffuser with air and chem feed liner installed

Diffuser for an aeration system with self-sinking PVC airline and adjoining

natural enzyme & bacteria product delivery line

Compressor with multiple manifolds for winter pond aeration

Aeration system compressor box with 2 styles of compressors and respective

manifolds for equal oxygen delivery


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