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Do-It-Yourself Management

DIY Ponds for the Do-It-Yourself Pond Manager

Many do-it-yourself pond owners enjoy the challenge of managing their pond themselves. However, due to the overwhelming number of management tools available and vague application directions, they often are very confused, end up using the wrong product, and usually are not applying the products correctly. Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource LLC has a solution – we will train you! For a nominal fee, our biologists will help you:

  • Match the product with the problem
  • Provide detailed mixing, loading, and application directions
  • Instruct and perform calibration on your applicator
  • Determine proper application timing to obtain optimum results
  • Evaluate treatment performance and expected results

When you buy the products from Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource LLC, we will discount the on site training. As always, training at our facility is always free.

DIY ponds are both fun and beautiful. But, don’t get caught in the trap of buying, applying, and wasting money on the wrong products – use your time and money wisely! Let us know what you’re looking for, whether it’s a do-it-yourself pond management option, or the worry-free and hands-off approach you can get with the expertise and talent from our team at Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource.

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