Why Your Pond Needs an Aeration System

May 19, 2014

Aeration system pond

People build ponds for various reasons. Perhaps they wanted serenity. Maybe they wanted a source of recreation on their land. They simply could have liked the aesthetics a pond brings.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the purchase, there is one fact that remains constant among owners: they want a healthy pond.

If you’re looking to improve the health and liveliness of your pond, an aeration system is the top consideration. An aeration system will improve the overall quality of your pond from algae reduction to clearer water to maintaining a healthy environment for the fish population.

Why You Need an Aeration System

You may be wondering why your pond needs an aeration system if natural ponds are fine without them. The answer comes down to atmospheric diffusion.

Atmospheric diffusion is the process from which pond water receives oxygen from the air. While natural ponds acquire sufficient oxygen from atmospheric diffusion, the same cannot be said for man made ponds. Without help from an aeration system they tend to fall short of the optimal oxygen level.

If a pond does not have a good amount of oxygen the water becomes stagnant, resulting in many issues. These include poor water quality and clarity, algal blooms, an unpleasant odor, and even the death of fish and other wildlife living in the pond.

Before after

An aeration system will fix many pond problems and offer various benefits including:
• Enhanced water quality
• Improved water clarity
• Reduced algal blooms and algae growth
• Improved health of fish and wildlife
• Reduces fish kills
• Elimination of unpleasant odors
• Reduction of organic sediment
• Enhanced beauty and aesthetic
• Delivery mechanism for natural product delivery (i.e. enzymes and bacteria)

How to Introduce Oxygen to Your Pond

One of the best ways to bring oxygen to your pond is through a Diffused-Air Aeration System.

A Diffused-Air Aeration System works by evenly placing several diffusers on the bottom of the pond. The diffusers are attached to an air compressor that sits on the shore. Air runs from the compressor through hoses to the diffusers.

Each diffuser is created with a permeable membrane that releases oxygen in tiny bubbles. The little bubbles were designed to maximize the amount of oxygen flowing to various parts of the pond. They also circulate the water, eliminating stagnation.

aeration diffuser
aeration diffuser 2

The Perfect Solution

Regardless of your pond’s purpose, maintaining a healthy environment is crucial. An aeration system is an easy, effective way to ensure your pond is always aesthetically pleasing and maintaining a steady ecosystem. With so many benefits for a healthy pond, Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC recommends you install an aeration system in your pond today.