Swimming Pools vs Swimming Ponds | Which One is Better?

April 16, 2014

swimming pool

Pool or Pond?

Swimming pools are often the first thing that people think of on a hot summer day. Let’s face it, summer in Wisconsin is short. Swimming ponds are the next step in man-made swimming facilities; they are simply healthier and more environmentally friendly than pools treated with chemicals.

Many land owners use their ponds primarily for recreational activities, picnics, barbecues and swimming. Sand beaches for swimming are easily constructed and maintained. The number of urban ponds in suburbs, parks, and housing additions has increased.

swim pond

Adding a Beach

If you’re adding a beach to an existing pond, it’s easy to dump a load of sand on shore and spread it out.


Swimming ponds enhance the look, enjoyment and value of any residence. Each is custom designed to enhance your property and lifestyle based on your specific needs and to take maximum advantage of land use.  It is important that you can use a synthetic pond liner in any soil environment!

pond design


In conventional pools use of chemicals such as chlorine is added to control cleanliness and clarity. For a long time this was the only means we knew to make pools safe. A major disadvantage of a pool is the significant maintenance it requires.

Family Togetherness

There is nothing like  swimming to bring the family together. Building a pond this year and you will get to know all of everyone’s friends as well. Having a pond in Wisconsin provides four seasons of activities.

Promotes Health

Swimming works practically all of the muscles in the body. Swimming can develop a swimmer’s general strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Exercise provides cushion for your joints, protecting them from the impact associated with most forms of exercise.


The pond can be a used for swimming and extended family gatherings.

Family Swim Pond

Visual Appeal

The most obvious benefit of a backyard pond is the amazing view . That sparkling view from the house is another reason people build ponds. A pond has an astounding ability to enhance visual appeal. The eye is drawn naturally to water, the surface of a pond is always changing.

pond, relaxation, pond


Your backyard pond can offer other monetary benefits as well. If the pond is properly designed by an experienced builder, it will increase the value of your home.


Waterfowl and wildlife are frequently pond visitors. Ponds are a rich habitat for a wide range of creatures. A pond for fish needs to have adequate depth (usually 12’+) over one quarter of the area of the pond. A properly built and managed pond can yield up to a few hundred pounds of fish annually for each acre of surface water.

wildlife pond


The pond is there for your immediate gratification whether it is the early morning, before-work swim; the come-home-after-work and pop into the water; and everything else in between. The cabin in the woods takes hours to get to; the boat is a big commitment; and the RV “demands” that you travel for hours and days to somewhere before you get to relax.


The great thing about having your own swimming pond is that it fits your lifestyle exactly as you want it to. Nothing beats your own backyard pool for getting fit or or fishing in your free time.