Make your pond a habitat

Fish Structures

One often overlooked detail of a healthy fishery is structure. Not always an issue. Many lakes have plenty. However, many ponds (especially constructed, managed, maintained, clear waterbodies, etc.) lack proper natural structure or could use more. Our team of experts is ready to outfit your pond with the exact kind and number of fish structures needed to benefit the fish and wildlife that you want. Once you’re done reviewing, connect with us to get the ball rolling on equipping your backyard paradise with fish structures or start ordering the fish you want stocked in your pond, today!

There are many benefits to the addition of fish structure to a lake or pond:

  • Provides woody hard surfaced spawning structure for many common fish species including perch, crappie, bass, and several minnow species.
  • Provides needed structure (habitat) to help keep your fishery in balance by offering protection to forage fish.
  • Increases growth rates of predator fish. Adult forage (prey) fish have protection to reach spawning age, which increases the density of young minnows and panfish that are easily preyed upon by predators.
  • Increases overall fish carrying capacity of your water body.

WLPR: Your Partners & Trusted Advisors

Not sure where to start or even what structures you’ll need, not to mention where to put them? That’s no problem at all when you work with Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource. Not only will we provide you the best course of action for optimal spawning and habitat, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Our technicians, biologists, and team members will work with you to make sure every structure has a purpose and leads to a healthy and successful environment for years and decades to come. We’ll map out your pond, make recommendations on placement, order the structures, install, and we’ll even help you stock your fish! It’s never been easier to build your backyard paradise with WLPR.

Sample habitat map

Refuge Series

The Refuge series is our premium habitat product line designed to provide internal protective space and external habitat for both juvenile and mature fishes. Every Refuge series artificial habitat contains a rigid internal shelter space and flexible, snag-resistant limbs. Honey Hole Trees, Shrubs, and Logs were designed to benefit fish species that require refuge space at one life stage or a multitude of life stages.

Honey Hole Shrub

  • Premium, shallow-depth habitat designed for juvenile fishes. Compact arrangement of limbs provides protective cover around the twelve entry holes into the shelter.
  • Use in water depths of 3-6 feet.

Honey Hole Tree

Fish Structure
Honey Hole Tree by Pond King
  • Premium, shallow-depth habitat designed for juvenile fishes. Compact arrangement of limbs provides protective cover around the twelve entry holes into the shelter.
  • Use in water depths of 3-6 feet.

Honey Hole Spawning Discs

  • Often, silt is the predominant substrate within ponds. Nest-guarding species fan spawning sites with fins to reduce siltation on top of any eggs that are deposited. As such, spawning discs create an elevated nesting site which reduces losses due to smothering from silt.
  • Use in water depths of 2-4 feet.

Live Series

Honey Hole Live series is the only artificial fish habitat on the market that imitates the dynamic movement and structural complexity of natural cover like aquatic vegetation and brush. Flexible limbs that move with current and natural appearances are part of each of the five different offerings within this line. Each product of the Live series is intended to provide an effective and affordable alternative to natural cover types for a variety of purposes. and objectives.

Honey Hole Reed

  • Honey Hole Reeds were designed as highly fishable substitutes to flooded vegetation and provide excellent cover for a variety of fish species in deeper water.
  • Use in water depths of 10-12 feet.

Honey Hole Grass

  • Turn-key shallow-water habitat provider with dual color variation and flexible leaves, imitates natural submerged plant complexity and movement.
  • Use in water depths of 4-6 feet.

Honey Hole Brush

  • An affordable, self-righting, complex medium-depth habitat that is simple to deploy and provides instant habitat for multiple species of fish.
  • Use in water depths of 7-10 feet.

Honey Hole Canopy

  • Vertically dynamic artificial habitat for maximum water column coverage. Perfect for species that suspend in and around cover in deeper water. Color variation in leaves imitates live growth.
  • Ideal depth for placement: Over 15ft

Honey Hole Dock Dropper

  • Boost the vertical fishing around your dock by providing artificial habitat for suspending fish at varying depths. Works great paired with the Honey HoleĀ® Canopy!
  • Ideal depth for placement: Over 15 ft