Wildlife Pond Construction

Get on board and enjoy the wildlife.

Create your own nature preserve.

Your favorite fishing spot is in your backyard. Or at least it can be. The idea of spending quality time with your fishing pole, listening to the harmony of frogs and the tranquil ripples is a dream that can come true. We can not only supply the water but also the bass, bluegill, trout, walleye, or more. Showing your kids the ropes on fishing, enjoying time with friends, or spending time quietly connecting with nature are memories that last a lifetime.

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The best spot for your pond
is almost anywhere

wildlife pond

Locations for a wildlife pond

There’s skill in finding the best fishing spot and in building a wildlife pond. The right place for a pond requires examining soil characteristics, measuring the lack of springs, streams or wetlands, and evaluating the limits a location has for the natural development of lakes or ponds. Because we use uncompromising pond lining technologies, we can develop lakes and ponds almost anywhere.

WLPR Wildlife and Wetland Ponds Feature:

  • Heavy duty poly-ethylene pond liners
  • Turf reinforcement mat overlayment
  • Beneficial aquatic plantings
  • Health certified, hatchery raised game fish
  • Top-of-the-line aeration equipment to keep your pond healthy year-round
  • Available, hands-free maintenance programs and packages to keep your pond from becoming “work”
  • Consulting from our team of experts on how to best attract the game you’re looking for
Wildlife Pond Construction with pond liner
new wildlife pond project

The sky’s the limit

Our wildlife projects have ranged from small watering holes placed strategically around hunting stands to large fishing ponds, lakes or wetlands. We have found bringing nature to our ponds can happen anywhere; ranging from rural backyards & properties to multi-acre hunting plots. According to wildlife biologists, there are three crucial elements to support wildlife – food, cover, and WATER.

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