Our History

Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC was founded in 2005, when its owner Cory Zickert, had a simple goal in mind, to help pond owners and lake dwellers get the most out of their aquatic resource. Cory brought with him over 20 years of client relations and ten years experience in the aquatic management field.

All of our biologists hold degrees in an aquatic management or biology related field. When you hire Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource you are not just getting a chemical applicator, you will meet with a biologist that understands the delicate environment of your aquatic resource. We pride ourselves on reducing pesticides and herbicides by using a more proactive approach to managing nuisance aquatic growth.

Our Experience

Combined, our professional staff have more than 30 years experience helping clients understand the complex issues of successful aquatic management. In addition to working with individuals, we work with many corporations, property managers, home owners associations, lake associations, municipalities, and campground owners. At Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, service is our greatest resource. We welcome the opportunity to help you manage your lake or pond.