This project is a model of what WLPR has helped so many property owners accomplish! We took a CRP field and a basic backyard lawn and turned it into a recreational gathering space where the focus is a pristine pond and swimming beach. The best thing – it’s our corporate pond! We knew prospective clients wanted to see, touch, and experience a pond before jumping in and building one of their own. On any given day, you might find neighborhood kids, the family dog, and even employees enjoying the pond after a hot day in the field. The pond also serves as one of our research and development ponds. We routinely demo new products for vendors and it serves as a trial pond for our own inventions. Our Wetland Bio-filter was first built and utilized on this pond and we gather data yearly. Pond tours are welcomed and encouraged for anyone considering transforming their backyard into an aquatic paradise.

The pond is .5 acres with a maximum depth of 14 feet. The synthetic liner was installed to contain water since the natural soils were not sufficient. A custom designed aeration system coupled with Bio-Feed is operating to aid in water quality. We went one step further and installed a natural wetland bio-filter that circulates water through gravel media and thousands of plant roots. This helps the uptake and removal of nutrients, especially phosphorous.

Other amenities to enhance the experience include a custom T dock, trampoline, Saturn Flotation Ball, and a beach house. All of this combined provide many hours of cannonballs, giggles, memories, and entertainment for the young and old.