This project was especially enjoyable because our goal was to create a pond that supports a quality fishery. Who doesn’t want to have trophy fish in their pond? Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource (WLPR) helped create a water body for our clients out their back door that focuses on supporting trophy fish. We were able to take advantage of a sloping landscape so all the excavated dirt was used to construct this pond. WLPR often times adds rock, dirt, and even topsoil to our lined ponds, especially when a quality fishery is desired. Soil has many natural benefits in developing an ecosystem that you can’t accomplish with synthetic materials alone. This pond has multiple depth contours, aquatic planting shelves, synthetic and natural log fish cribs, and all the ingredients to support a fishery. In addition, there is a nice sized beach for the grandchildren to enjoy on a hot summer day.

The pond is approximately 1.5 acres with a max depth of 16 feet. A three-panel liner was welded together to complete the lining process. A 12 foot overflow drain is in place to regulate water depth. In addition, the overflow drain has the ability to drain the pond if maintenance, cleaning, or repairs are required.