What more could you ask for than to catch trophy fish and watch all sorts of wildlife right out your back door? This project started with the landowners having a simple idea of a pond somewhere on their property. Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource (WLPR) staff quickly determined the high and dry ledge in the backyard was the ideal spot.

The project kicked off by WLPR utilizing its drone and mapping approximately ten acres of land. We used that data to design the pond, create conceptual and construction drawings, and geo-reference points in the field. Once WLPR secured all permits and approvals, we broke ground.

Construction of the 3.5 acre footprint was completed in approximately seven days by a local excavator. After excavation was completed, WLPR staff installed 13 pond liner panels, welded over 1,268′ of in-field seams, and placed protective underlayment and ballast material on the bottom of the pond.

The pond is used as an aesthetic feature and for recreational fishing. To enhance the fishery, diverse structures including artificial cribs, gravel fingers, planting beds, and a shallow wetland bay are in place to improve habitat.