Algaecides and Herbicides

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Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource uses EPA Registered Algaecides and Herbicides.  Below is a list of our commonly used Algaecides and Herbicides.  Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource has reduced the use of these products by increasing biological bacterias and enzymes.  Please see the Bacteria and Enzyme product page for more information.


Cutrine Granular, algaecide
algaecide, herbicide


Aquathol K, herbicide
Aquathol Super K, Herbicide
navigate, herbicide
reward, herbicide
shoreklear, herbicide

Pond Applications

  • Ponds of all size
  • Remote applications
  • Decorative ponds
  • Swim/fish ponds
  • Golf course ponds
  • Storm-water Ponds

Lake Applications

  • Individual properties
  • Whole lake treatments
  • Exotic species control

Most states require Aquatic Plant Management permits issued through the State agencies or a current Type I or Type II fish farm license issued through the Department of Agriculture for all pesticide applications.  Contact WLPR for assistance in obtaining the proper license or permit for your application.

Hi Cory, Thanks for the report. Our guys have said this was the best summer ever for non-glogging of the fountain.  They only have had to clear the screen once which was about two weeks ago. Appreciate the maintenance.

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