Stormwater Pond Management

Stormwater Pond Management Professional Services

Post construction maintenance of stormwater ponds is a requirement to comply with local and state codes. When left unmanaged, stormwater ponds can rapidly deteriorate, leaving the owner or manager in non-compliance of their permit requirements. In addition, unmanaged ponds can become aesthetically unpleasing, contain poor water quality parameters, and reduce the effectiveness of the wet basin. Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource LLC assists many owners and managers of stormwater ponds to:

  • Comply with maintenance requirements
  • Preserve water quality parameters
  • Identify structural failures

Professional Management Services

Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource LLC provides professional management services including: product applications & treatments; installation of aeration/fountain systems; site monitoring; and aquatic plant management. Routine evaluations help identify problem areas and concerns within each storm-water wet basin. Many municipalities, private owners, and association groups rely on our reporting system so they are informed of the status of their ponds. While on site, we evaluate each wet basin for the following:

  • Identification of nuisance and/or exotic aquatic and wetland vegetation
  • Settling, cracking, erosion, leakage, and condition of inlet and outlet structures
  • Shoreline erosion in or around rip-rap areas
  • Presence and development of woody vegetation
  • Bare soil areas requiring re-vegetation
  • General pond conditions identifying noticeable concerns
  • Inspection of outfalls
  • Aeration system and fountain operation
  • Depth of water and soft sediment build-up

Characteristics of a Properly Designed Managed Wet Basin

P6170831 Altered-Stormwater IMG_1591

P1010045 P1010096

  • Armored shoreline erosion protection
  • Diverse vegetation above normal water level
  • Absence of woody vegetation
  • Intensely managed cattail growth
  • Managed submersed aquatic plant community
  • Properly designed aeration system
  • Adequate depth for sediment storage

Common Problems Associated with Stormwater Ponds

Noxious Shoreline Cattail and Woody Vegetation

Nuisance Plant & Algae Growth

Shoreline Erosion

Overpopulated Resident Geese