Bio-Feed Systems

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Rugged, low-cost, around the clock automatic product delivery!

The Bio-Feed metering system allows the pond manager to provide ongoing product delivery with minimal effort. Wisconsin Pond Products Bacteria, Enzymes, and Dye along with liquid alum and algaecides can be used with the Bio-Feed Metering system.


Bio-Feed’s unique 7- day clock can program dosing events that occur one day per week, all weekdays, all weekends or every day. This means easy programmability up to 24 events with variable run times from 1 second to 20 minutes.

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Voltage Options available

  • 115 Volt
  • 230 Volt
  • Battery-Powered

12 Volt DC battery capabilities make delivery available in remote locations.


Simply install the standard Bio-Feed metering system in an existing aeration enclosure or nearby structure. The 3/8″ delivery line is easily buried to the pond edge. For best results, discharge near diffusers, fountains, or waterfalls.

pump, bio-feed system

Hi Cory, Thanks for the report. Our guys have said this was the best summer ever for non-glogging of the fountain.  They only have had to clear the screen once which was about two weeks ago. Appreciate the maintenance.

Director of Public Works

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