Joey Berg

Aquatic Field Biologist, Fisheries Specialist

Joey has worked for Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource since 2013. He started as an intern while attending UW Stevens Point where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Resource Management in 2014. His studies focused on water resources, wildlife, and fisheries. Joey’s primary duties include the application of water management products, fisheries services, customer service and sales, and installation of aerators, fountains, and pond liners.

In Joey’s spare time, he enjoys deer hunting in fall and holds a special place for Musky & Pike fishing. However, the occasional Walleye, Bass, or Trout may also be at the end of his line. More than anything, Joey loves his time with his wife Taylor, daughter Celia, and rescue dog Moxy. They can often be found on the boat, camping, or enjoying the outdoors. However, it is a good bet that if a sports team of theirs is on, they will be watching!