From Cory, WLPR Owner/Senior Aquatic Manager

March 24, 2010

Most ice is all gone on lakes and ponds in the southern part of the state. So far, we have had only one phone call regarding a fish kill so hopefully that trend continues. Fish do not always float right away, so if you have clear water see if you can see any lying on the bottom of the pond. Our fish orders are filling up and we encourage clients to order their fish by April 1 to ensure delivery.
Now is also the time to start looking for early growing exotic aquatic plant species such as Eurasian watermilfoil and curly-leaf pondweed. These two species are typically the first to start growing and the first to be treated. If you are unsure what you have, mail us a sample and we will I.D. it for you.

We have started inspections of many ponds, especially storm-water ponds to detect winter damage of outflow pipes, shorelines, and other structures. Take a good walk around your pond to see if anything unusual pops up.