Plant & Algae Growth | From the Owner

May 4, 2012

The season is well under way! With the early warm up followed by the cool spells we are in, the plant and algae growth development has been very sporadic. Some ponds did not come out of the winter well and had significant algae growth, while others have looked very good all spring.

WLPR has been very busy getting all the ponds going for the season. At this point you should be concentrating on establishing a consistent level of Water Quality Enzymes in your system. This will help set the stage when bacteria become active. Pond dyes should be added to reduce sunlight penetration and slow down plant growth. Aeration and fountain systems should be installed, serviced, and set for the season. If you are behind on these steps, give us a call and we can assist you.

Plant growth is at different stages around the state. We have performed a majority of our Curly-leaf pondweed treatments. Eurasian watermilfoil is advanced in some locations, but still very young in others. Other native plants such as sago pondweed, coontail, and elodea have been treated in southern ponds, but still young or non-existent yet in northern ponds. Don’t treat too late!

We have some very exciting new tools we are working with this year ā€“ call us for those details!

There are still some inventories of fish species still available so if you think you might want your pond stocked, call us soon.

We are now open on Saturdays for the Do-it-yourself pond owners to stop in and visit with our biologists to receive training and information on the available products for your pond. You can also tour our newly constructed lined pond to see the components of a sustainable pond.

We hope you have a good season and we will keep you updated as the season progresses.