WLPR is a SePro Preferred Applicator

March 10, 2014

Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC is now a SePro Preferred Applicator.


Being a preferred applicator for SePRO includes specialization in lake and pond mapping and water quality monitoring. Rest assured that we as an accredited partner, are dedicated to serving the aquatics industry and the environment utilizing the latest advances in training, technology, and products. SePRO has recently acquired their ISO 9000 quality certificate.  Wisconsin Lake and Pond is a certified SeSCRIPT vendor, we provide access to top laboratory analysis of algae and water quality. The results provide a site specific map and allow for a proper prescriptive maintenance. The recommended analysis for the development of a custom treatment will manage and prevent complex and challenging algae problems. Allow us to properly analyze your water sample with the latest scientific instruments and find out specific answers about the health of your pond.

Learn more about SePRO here.